Tucson's Public School District Takes "Blood Money" from Qatar

As Sun Tzu observed centuries ago, you cannot hope to win a single battle when you fail to discern who your enemies are and who your friends are. The Qatari entities supporting terror many places and engaging in nefarious activities are enemies of the civilized world. Tucson schools and other recipients of dirty money from Qatar should be more than ashamed. Is America this broke, financially and morally? Really?|

Nothing Should Surprise Us Concerning Strobe Talbott--Still Taking "Blood Money" from Qatar?

Brookings Institution used to have a moral compass--no longer apparently under Clinton confidante Strobe Talbott. It will take years, but change eventually will come to the community of think tanks around Washington, D.C. After the next wave of attacks inside our Homeland, encouraged and perhaps carried out to organizations that Qatari entities fund, maybe those who work at Brookings and trustees of that once fine organization will re-acquire a proper sense of outrage, drain their swamp, and do right by "we, the people" once again.

We Need Regime Change at Leveraged American Multi-nationals Too!

Jeff Immelt and his senior team have gotten away with woeful under-performance for way too long. This week, on Friday, he and they will try yet again to sell the gullible on theories of their "success" since September 2001, when Immelt succeeded Jack Welch. So much hogwash unless they radically change their approach--which is possible, but unlikely.

Amusing--Seems My Recent Qatar Piece May Have Been Re-Published in Qatar?

Anyone know who owns and runs The Qatar Daily Star?

A Column From February 2013 You Might Want to Re-Read

Let's see, what has the world learned since Presidents' Day 2013? And how much of your money and your children's and grandchildren's legacies have neen WASTED since then? How about making some SERIOUS changes this coming Election Day?

Really? Harvard takes "Blood Money" from Qatar Too?

Soon Harvard will announce plans to boost its endowment even more--do Harvard Alumni truly understand what educators there are doing in league with Qatari entities? Does Professor Dershowitz? Does Senator Ted Cruz? It is time to shine bright lights on odious truths--Qatar under the ruling Al-Thani family is NOT likely to abandon years of nefarious activities hostile to ALL Americans and any who prize what America stands for. In no way would John Harvard or any of the fine founders of Harvard University countenace the status quo--it is past time for swift and abrupt change in relations between Harvard, America and Qatar.

Why do Trustees at Carnegie Mellon Accept "Blood Money" from Qatar?

I doubt Carnegie and Mellon would want their names associated with the Al-Thani family and their adherents inside and outside Qatar. Moreover, you would think students, generally with more keenly attuned and idealistic sentiments, might rise in protest considering how sums advanced by Qatar likely were earned. This is a bi-partisan disgrace that MUST change in time.


Does Cornell University Need to Accept "Blood Money" from Qatar?

Economic times are tough---but an Ivy League Institution should do enough diligence on donors and strategic partners before sullying its reputation while burnishing the stature of a nation whose leading citizens rank among the most despicable sponsors of terrorism and evil throughout the world. Have trustees of Cornell sunk into the swamp with Qataris who create victims filling hospitals so many places? For Cornell Medical School, is the "Hippocratic" Oath now the "Hypocritic" Oath? Do your own research on Qatar--during World War II, would Cornell's trustees take money from Adolf Hitler to pursue medical research inside Germany and train doctors there? What has happened in recent years involving Qatar and Cornell seems little different to me.