Latest Washington Times Piece: Take Blinders Off to Deal with Iran

In a sense, Dwight D. Eisenhower was correct about dangers of letting the "military-industrial" complex run amok--we have been waging undeclared war against Iran for at least 35 years, and to what avail? Our Nobel Peace Laureate let the thugs who run that nation crush those who rose up bravely in June 2009. Now the Iranian kleptocracy takes billions we just released and blatantly funds terror groups multiple places, while rushing towards having a nuclear weapons capability. Do we really trust John Kerry, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama to protect America's interests? And who is vetting Valerie Jarrett and her family ties to Iran?

Michael Bloomberg is a decent man who must not yet fully appreciate what Qatar does against American Interests so many places

For now, we must assume Mr. Bloomberg has concentrated upon other pressing matters and not devoted himself to investigating more fully what Qatari entities do around the world. He needs to put his best investigative team to work and then work to extricate himself and his enterprises from such close relationships to the al-Thani family and vehicles they control, directly andinfluence, indirectly.

An Excellent Piece on Qatar in the Daily Mail

Please read carefully and circulate-enough is enough. Qatar must be disciplined--if they want to follow unforgiving strands of Islamic thinking inside their own borders, let them do so. However, if they insist upon inciting intolerant hatred inside other countries, they must be punished and punished hard so that the world learns valuable lessons.

It is no surprise that the Clintons take dirty money from Qatar---that is there established way of doing business!

Before Chelsea gets too comfortable disdaining the private sector, and too egotistically high-minded about her parents' public "service", she might wish to engage her brain and investigate deeply the activities of Qatar and Qatari enitities working so brazenly and actively to destroy the American way of life. There was a day when Democrat leaders were patriotic and honest--remedying the sins of the Clintons will take years and decades, if remediation is, in any way, possible.

The Film Industry has its Scoundrels, but "Blood Money" from Qatar?

Some actors and producers are principled---apparently NOT the Weinstein brothers--have they taken time from busy schedules doing research of ANY kind concerning their main financiers?---Qatari entities with hands soaked in blood. It is time for audiences to check carefully what entities finance and profit from the films and programs you watch. Until there is "regime change" in Qatar and/or unless the Weinstein brothers reconnect with their consciences, the American public should boycott ALL MIramax productions.