Second Appearance 7 October 2014 on Sun News Network TV

President Obama has gone "rogue" against the Democrat Party, years after punishing all Americans with his disastrous domestic and foreign policies. Quite significant that Panetta slams him weeks before the 2014 national election, while America fights numerous wars, losing ground.

Why Does Texas A&M Accept "Blood Money" from Qatar?

Apparently, America's links to Qatar are a bi-partisan disgrace, predating President Obama. You would think a University whose tradition and history is integral to the defense of American values might be much more discerning in selecting foreign partners. Evidently, many people operating the University are blinded by the glint off of donations and contributions that certainly seem like "filthy lucre" to me, based upon review of publicly available information. Where is the outrage among patriotic Texas A&M alumni and students? Indeed, where is the outrage throughout the civilized world--Qatar is a tiny country using wealth obtained through obnoxious activities America should be stamping out there and worldwide. See for yourself and raise a stir!

Does Georgetown School of Foreign Service Really Need to Take "Blood Money" from Qatar?

One might think a school that cannot claim ignorance concerning international relations nor poverty would reject tainted contributions from a state in league with our enemies and fomenting terrorist acts against America and our true allies. 

Past time to start asking really tough questions: Georgetown alumni, Washington, D.C. residents and patriotic, Constitution-loving Americans!

Early Look at Latest Edition of "On the Money"

We provide an extended discussion into troubling developments "fighting" radical Islamic jihadists worldwide speaking with Andrew McCarthy (starts 6:28), Nonie Darwish (starts 18:48), and Daniel Gelertner (starts 29:59). Then we hear about Phyllis Schlafly's latest book concerning the ongoing war against American families and close with Stephen Moore discussing the state of the American economy.

Just When You Think Al Gore's Reputation Could Sink No Lower, You Learn This

Were John F. Kennedy still alive, perhaps he might write a sequel called "Profiles in Infamy" in which Al Gore might feature front and center. It takes a man with no judgment, scruples, or shame to take "blood money" from one of the world's worst energy polluters, while promoting junk science. To think that Al Gore nearly was President--perhaps we should be grateful for small favors. Still, what we know so far about his behavior places him well below utter contempt.

Appearance 2 October 2014 on the Andrea Shea King Show

A chance to help explain why I and others are working to raise awareness of the activities and influence of Qatar, while questioning the course of America's foreign and domestic policies. My comments start around 36:00.

Anyone Else Watching Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia?

I certainly am and what I see I really do not like. This column from early May 2014 is worth re-reading:

You Would Think Harvard University Might Not Need to Take "Blood Money" from Qatar

The fact that Al-Jazeera spews hate and incites terror is well known, especially to those who listen to the Arabic language shows. The fact that Al Gore and his backers collected massive amounts of blood money selling Current TV to the Qatari-backed Al-Jazeera network is also known, though how this deal escaped U.S. government scrutiny and whether recipients are now flagged as agents of foreign governments is not known. These issues are important, but a bigger concern for me, as an alumnus of Harvard, is why this well-endowed institution, revered for good reasons by so many, would stop to taking dirty money from Qatar. Pretty tough to hang onto the motto "Truth" and all the more reason to revere Yale's motto instead: "Light and Truth"--it is past time for harsh lights to shine on Qatar!

Do You Really Need to Take "Blood Money" from Qatar?

In theory, The Treaty of Westphalia did away with the practice of having nobles carry out deniable missions against allies back in 1648. Neither America nor Qatar signed this treaty--it is past time to smoke out the Qataris--unlike Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and much larger Iran, Qatar is a tiny country and we already have a large military presence there. With all the spying done on Americans, we must have a LARGE cache of files on Qatar and on Americans and supposed western allies who take blood money from Qatari elements. This writer makes excellent points--but it is not just in England where the Qataris operate with seeming impunity, against the interests of the civilized world.

Appearance 1 October 2014, Hour 2 with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang

Such fun to try to keep up with John and Gordon who cover the topics we should care most about so ably. Last night we concentrated upon disruption now spreading to Hong Kong and the apparent "victory" of creative destructionism over rigged capital markets. The thing I have been watching is "counter-party" risk---you should too. Do you really understand the financial condition of your bank, brokerage account, employer, suppliers and your customers?