Appearance 23 October with Alex Pierson of Sun News Network TV

This was from yesterday morning before the hatchet attack and before comments by Iran taunting the weakness of President Obama. The American electorate needs to send a strong message to politicians in both parties that we MUST change course drastically in our inept efforts to combat and eradicate the ideology that incites violence against us.

This Further Shreds the Constitution and Should Not Stand

Americans need to wake up and speak with resounding voices during the forthcoming election--President Obama and the cronies who run his foreign policy are now behaving as if they can flout the plain intent and content of our governing documents with impunity. OUTRAGEOUS and likely true insights from, of all places, The New York Times:

You Better Start Worrying Soon About Pakistan

Remember when Americans thought the world was finally safe, back around 1999? Well, you better start educating yourself about even bigger problems than exist already across the Middle East--Pakistan is back on the boil and India is not exactly immune from danger either. Meanwhile, China will be watching developments in these neighboring states with great cause for alarm. Believe it or not, there may be ways through the gathering storm, but these involve doing homework, listening, and inspired statecraft. Sadly, our foreign policy team has no hope, in present form, of making even a "junior varsity" league while the geo-political Olympics continue.

A Column From February 2013 You Might Want to Re-Read

Let's see, what has the world learned since Presidents' Day 2013? And how much of your money and your children's and grandchildren's legacies have neen WASTED since then? How about making some SERIOUS changes this coming Election Day?

Just When You Think Al Gore's Reputation Could Sink No Lower, You Learn This

Were John F. Kennedy still alive, perhaps he might write a sequel called "Profiles in Infamy" in which Al Gore might feature front and center. It takes a man with no judgment, scruples, or shame to take "blood money" from one of the world's worst energy polluters, while promoting junk science. To think that Al Gore nearly was President--perhaps we should be grateful for small favors. Still, what we know so far about his behavior places him well below utter contempt.

Appearance 2 October 2014 on the Andrea Shea King Show

A chance to help explain why I and others are working to raise awareness of the activities and influence of Qatar, while questioning the course of America's foreign and domestic policies. My comments start around 36:00.

Appearance 11 September 2014 with Sun News TV

Sun News Network is outfoxing Fox, in my opinion. Their visuals are much better, their anchors ask tougher questions, and they are truly switched on--much like their Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. In no way should anyone blindly follow Barack Obama, especially into harm's way. His record as President is appalling and he certainly does not deserve a "blank check" to do anything he decides to do, that is when he is not indulging himself and his friends, behaving like a potentate.

LIsten Carefully to this American Hero

Under President Obama, at best America sleeps--at worst, we are about to get hit inside and outside our homeland by a raft of sworn enemies, mere adversaries, rising powers, and opportunists. Stay safe this week--if all goes according to plan Lt. General Thomas McInerney will be joining "On the Money" this coming week to help us think through how to position ourselves against the surging tide swirling against America thanks to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a team of manifest incompetents.

Appearance 28 August 2014 on Sun News Network

The mainstream press (with some important exceptions) inside the United States is guilty of dereliction of duty, even malpractice in failing to bore into what drives American foreign policies under the Obama Administration, particularly inside the Middle East. Qatar is no friend and I fear the region is due to erupt to more dangerous levels many places, including some that seem relatively quiet until now.