CNN and Brookings in the Frame Regarding Ties to Terror Sponsor Qatar

Most Americans spend too little time studying what seems to be happening outside our country, especially throughout the Middle East where language and culture barriers make it so hard to discern essential truths. Pretending to be a friend, elements within Qatar provide aid and comfort to the worst of the worst. It is not clear why the Obama Administration and connected cronies maintain amicable relations with Qatari financing sources and others from that country who support and encourage radical Islamist jihadists. Al Gore and those who sold current TV to the Qataris lacked a moral compass--are the rest of us so stretched that we need to take "blood money" from Qatari interests? Surely America can pick sounder allies.

Time to Get Serious About Bringing Qatar to Justice

A campaign is launched today to expose the role that influential persons and entities inside Qatar play financing terror and engaging in nefarious activities in many global hotspots. Fortunately, Qatar is a tiny nation, though admittedly a rich one. If ever there were need for "regime change", unless Qatar stops, forthwith, the leadership of Qatar--a family controlled monarchy--should be toppled. Under present circumstances, Qatar is no friend of the United States, though Qatari entities definitely enrich numerous captured American cronies. Those who care about stopping radical jihadist terror fighters should help cut off the flow of "blood money" emanating from Qatar.


Gold Haters and Warren Buffett Lovers Should Read This and Weep

If you look closely at Warren Buffett's investment performance, you will not be impressed much by what he delivered from 1998 forward given all the advantages he had along the way. I think he is not bringing his "A" game and I am positive he is wrong on gold.

New Landing Page at The Washington Times

Executive Producer Ann Wog and her colleagues at The Washington Times have arranged it so that all of my radio shows can now be accessed on the landing page linked below. In the most recent edition of "On the Money", you will find national security expert Robert Hardy at 6:45; Middle East/Africa expert Bill Roggio at 18:45; famed economist Bob Brusca at 30:15; and noted precious metals' investors John Hathaway and Simon Mikhailovich at 42:45. 

America Stands Exposed to Ruin through January 20, 2017

Objectively, you must now finally see that President Obama was re-elected under false pretences in November 2012. Killing Osama bin Laden has not crushed radical jihadist Islam. The auto industry inside our 50 states certainly is not recovering--in fact, when U.S. dollar interest rates get forced upwards as soon may happen, companies such as General Motors might go bankrupt AGAIN. As happened in 2007 to subprime housing loans, the subprime bubbles in car and student loans WILL pop. President Obama is not correct on most things---America is in a "phony" recovery and a "phony" peace.

A Warning 8 Days Ago to Flee the Retailing Sector

The hard truth is that machines already are replacing human laborers in many professions--this undeniable fact and the reality that populations grow mean that per capita incomes are falling across the developed world. Moreover, since 1999 in America, we have been piling up debt and using proceeds of these borrowings to fund consumption, rather than productive investments. Other than banking and air transportation, the retailing sector stands most exposed to the coming "creative destruction" that will be unleashed, one way or another. 

Appearance 26 September with Pat Bolland of Sun News Network TV

The Sun News Team is doing what America's mainstream press corps is not yet doing---uncovering the gross incompetence of the Obama Administration. Always a pleasure to appear with them and glad that Prime Minister Harper is standing up for what is actually correct in the Middle East, unlike our team that is led by a bunch of failures dressed up and calling themselves success stories. The blunders are finally coming off!

Point 10 in my 10 Point Recovery Plan for America

Houston, we have a problem--just as machines have displaced bank tellers, ticket-takers, and capital markets traders, they will soon rush through the economy taking jobs away from a growing population. These machines do not purchase items required to live, so their growing presence reduces the "multplier" effect previously experienced during the growth spurt from 1945 to around 1989. So, we need to change radically they ways in which Americans learn and we had better start soon. The kind of change required will prove impossible unless we break public sector unions and change tenure as well as other work rules.

Point 9 in my 10 Point Recovery Plan: Secure America's Borders

When the Democrats and allied business groups wanted to rush through an amnesty plan they claimed was not one, we heard ceaseless refrains that our borders are secure. THEY ARE NOT--which is a flagrant abdication of basic responsibility. It is time, with just a portion of the vast sums we spend each year, to get serious about controlling our borders and sending home the worst illegal immigrants presently roaming free inside America. Afterwards, we should ramp up an outreach program to talented foreign nationals who wish to relocate to this country.

Second Appearance 16 September 2014 on Sun News TV: A Yes for Scottish Independence

An objective review of available economic data, and a fair consideration both of history and of Scotland's favorable cultural attributes push the balance for me towards favoring Scottish independence. Let me know what you think via twitter where I am @CharlesOrtel.