Appearance 23 October with Alex Pierson of Sun News Network TV

This was from yesterday morning before the hatchet attack and before comments by Iran taunting the weakness of President Obama. The American electorate needs to send a strong message to politicians in both parties that we MUST change course drastically in our inept efforts to combat and eradicate the ideology that incites violence against us.

If John McCain Cannot Reverse Course (Finally) HE MUST GO!

Serving this country, and suffering as a pisoner of war does not give anyone a lifetime pass to make grievous mistakes and see these unchecked and unpunished. I could not support McCain in 2008, in part, because of his role in the Keating 5 scandal back in the 1980s. Now he continues bungling, and bungling atrociously to the detriment of all Americans, particularly our youth who will pay trillions for his mistakes and for those of Democrats in league with Barack Obama. What economic interests (whether for profit or connected to not-fo-profit activities) does Senator McCain have that are connected in any way to Qatari entities? How can McCain provide cover for Huma Abedin, for HIllary Clinton, and for Teneo? How closely has Trey Gowdy investigated these connections? American foreign policy should not be a "get-rich-quick" scheme for connected politicians and cronies!

If You Shop at Harrod's, You Fund Terror--so STOP!

Such a shame that so many prime properties in the United Kingdom and around the world are today owned by Qatari entities--do some homework this holiday season and do not shop there, until the Al-Thani family regime is replaced by true allies in the war on radical Islamist jihadists.

Qatar, FIFA, and now Barcelona: A Combustible Cocktail Indeed

You would think that soccer fans based in Europe (a breeding ground for radical Islamist jihadists) might care just a little bit how Qatari entities acquire the funds they pour into investments and what current leaders of that relatively tiny country do to foment violence so many places. Evidently, the European public and investigative journalists worldwide have only begun doing required homework.

Qatar is Aggressive and Recipients in Barcelona and Spain are Apparently Shameless

It can be called "filthy lucre" for excellent reasons, as appears to be the case with Qatar's flood of investment and other support in the world of soccer--those who lead FIFA and Barcelona surely can find reputable sponsors, rather than accepting noxious "blood money". It is time for fans and investigative journalists to take a much tougher look at how Qatar funds its investments and at what the entities and the current leaders of that tiny nation encourage to the detriment of the civilzed world.

Perhaps "Folks" are Having Second Thoughts about Qatar?

A thinly traded and lightly regulated market would be a natural place to turn dirty money into cleaner money--one imagines that Qatari rules pertaining to fiancial disclosures are likely far from transparent. Welcome news for those of us who believe that doing business with Qatar constitutes trading with enemies.

FIFA takes "Blood Money" from Qatar Too?

The business of constructing sports stadiums is notoriously rife with corruption throughout the world---however, you would think that the world's premier soccer organization would not have to sink into the muck and slime of accepting money from Qatari entities that are so enmeshed in terror, narcotics, slavery, and other despicable activities. Follow links mentioned below to see for yourself--until there is "regime change" in Qatar, I want contact with no part of that nation.

Should We Expect MUCH More from Georgetown Regarding Qatar?"Qatar Awareness Campaign"

University students tend to think sharply about issues of "good" and "evil"--so it is quite surprising there is not much more outrage concerning Georgetown's willingness to soak up "blood money" from Qatari entities. Here is a link to an excellent follow-up on Georgetown University's reaction, so far, to revelations in the public domain concerning Qatari support for nefarious activities and people. Has Georgetown itself and have Georgetown alumni abandoned their moral compasses? Read the linked article and all of the appendices for yourself --then develop informed opinions.

Will Exxon Mobil Continue Working with Active State Sponsors of Terrorism in Qatar?

Perhaps it is a bit much to expect an Oil Major, based in America, to uphold high standards of morality and patriotism as America supposedly works to destroy radical, Islamist, jihadists (who are financed by Qatar and Qatari interests). Or maybe not--maybe some on the left who regularly castigate Big Oil will open their eyes and start raising their voices? We shall soon see.