If Scotland Votes "Yes"--Good for Scots and for the World

There are many other countries operating independently with far fewer positive attributes than Scotland has. Besides, Scots have contributed mightily as Winston Churchill once observed: "Of all the small nations of this earth. perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind".

Latest "On the Money" Podcast with The Washington Times

An honor to discuss American foreign policy after the intro (8:00) with Allen West--a true American hero; how to end the War Against Capitalism (19:15) with Wayne Allyn Root and rid America of economic illiterates such as Harry Reid; why the 2nd Amendment is so important with Frank Miniter (32:45); and the excellent work done by The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (52:15) with Cliff May. Starting at 67:30, I wrap up and summarize, closing with a reminder that I am revealing, point by point, a 10 Point Recovery Plan for America. All thoughts, suggestions, and criticism warmly welcome!

Appearance 12 September 2014 on CCTV with Michelle Makori

Chinese state media is building a global presence using excellent international talent such as Michelle Makori, with whom it is always a pleasure to discuss geo-political, macro-economic, and investment trends. The mainstream media in the West is NOT doing its homework on Ukraine--I suspect we are backing the wrong coalition there and I know we are not shaking things up enough in Europe. They need to abandon high cost, debt and deficit ridden government, achieve combination benefits if they truly wish to unify (an open, unanswered question) and pay their fair shares for defending western civilization. Poking Putin in eastern europe while flailing in the Middle East will soon have grace consequences for the USA--can anyone talk sense to Barack Obama?

Point 8 in my 10 Point Recovery Plan for America

Enough with nuance and theoretical nicety--when a nation ends up in military conflict, it must fight to achieve decisive victory using all available means. There is no clean way to defeat an enemy and every reason, as our wise Founders knew so well, that the People embrace and then utterly support our fighting forces all the way well best the bitter end. Our President fails every one of us, across the political spectrum--he would not even make the junior varsity team today, given objective scrutiny, yet he remains Commander in Chief. Lord help America and what remains of the civilized world.

Appearance 11 September 2014 with Sun News TV

Sun News Network is outfoxing Fox, in my opinion. Their visuals are much better, their anchors ask tougher questions, and they are truly switched on--much like their Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. In no way should anyone blindly follow Barack Obama, especially into harm's way. His record as President is appalling and he certainly does not deserve a "blank check" to do anything he decides to do, that is when he is not indulging himself and his friends, behaving like a potentate.

John McCain Appropriately Slams CNN Oaf Jay Carney

Is anyone else sick of the way Team Obam looks down their collectively noses while they lie straight into the television camera? I am not a fan of McCain, but please watch him "bring it" and slap down a "journalist" with no shame who is a disgrace, and will be proven so. Under Team Obama, America lowered our guard and invited the attacks that will rise in force. Let us hope we can put our house fully back in order, latest beginning 20 January 2017.

Appearance 9 September 2014 with Sun News Network

Our Canadian partners are doing a better job defending Western interests than the Obama Administration. It is past time to consider Vladimir Putin's arguments against the course, especially taken since 2009, propping up a failed European Union (mired in debt, deficits, aging populations) and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, enabling spread of radical Islamist terrorists.

Point 7 in my 10 Point Recovery Plan

On a basic level, public sector unions make no sense at all--we, the people, are the employers of all public "servants" (now that is a quaint thought--bureaucrats and elected officials serve us and not the other way around!) So, Scott Walker is dead right--if we can rid the progressive state of Wisconsin of public sector unions, we can do so in New York (after a pitched battle), Illinois, maybe even in the People's Republic of California and everywhere else!

Regular Weekly Print Column in The Washington Times

It is possible to purchase a basket of defense and aerospace stocks (SPDRs are available for example), or to do your own work picking stocks for your portfolio. My first cut just looking at high level data on 15 elements within the SPDR reveals 1 or 2 large cap names that seem worth further study and a long allocation. In addition, there are several names "trading on air".