This Further Shreds the Constitution and Should Not Stand

Americans need to wake up and speak with resounding voices during the forthcoming election--President Obama and the cronies who run his foreign policy are now behaving as if they can flout the plain intent and content of our governing documents with impunity. OUTRAGEOUS and likely true insights from, of all places, The New York Times:

Say it Ain't So: Raytheon Arms Qatar Too?

Talk about turning a blind eye--the folks at Raytheon appear to have no scruples at all---or are they shamelessly sending weapons to Qatar so that Israel will need to buy more missile defense systems to defend against the terrorists that Qatar so flagrantly continues supporting? Where is Cindy Sheehan and where is Elizabeth Warren on this appalling decision by a management team and a board of directors that should know much better? Where is the public outrage?

So Lockheed Martin Arms Qatar Too? For Shame!

Who decides what nations and entities are at war with the United States? In theory, Congress--in practice, a President who actually believes, even now, that the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar are "friends". Check for yourself---they and others that Qatar supports actively certainly are NOT friends to Americans of all political persuasions. Lockheed Martin should be ashamed of letting dangerous products fall into uncontriolled hands. And the American public and wider media needs to raise the volume.

You Better Start Worrying Soon About Pakistan

Remember when Americans thought the world was finally safe, back around 1999? Well, you better start educating yourself about even bigger problems than exist already across the Middle East--Pakistan is back on the boil and India is not exactly immune from danger either. Meanwhile, China will be watching developments in these neighboring states with great cause for alarm. Believe it or not, there may be ways through the gathering storm, but these involve doing homework, listening, and inspired statecraft. Sadly, our foreign policy team has no hope, in present form, of making even a "junior varsity" league while the geo-political Olympics continue.

Appearance 14 October 2014 with Alex Pierson of Sun News Canada

Outside the alternative universe America entered on 20 January 2009, citizens of great countries expect their elected officials to be competent, honest and patriotic. The truth, evident to some early on, now plays out across various crises: Iraq (set to fall into the worst turmoil seen in modern history); Africa and the connected world (we let this team radically adjust our entire health care delivery they cannot contain the spread of Ebola); and Iran where our inspired negotiators simply capitulate to a regime of friminal, immoral thugs. It will be so tough to come back from this evolving set of horros, yet we shall eventually.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was correct--Boeing profits from narco-terrorism?

Are there any grown-ups on the Board of Directors at Boeing? Or are they all too busy to do a bare minimum of work discharging their responsibilities to shareholders, while considering the central role Boeing plays keeping America and this world safe from raging, immoral, and evil elements who actively seek to destroy modern civilization? Enough is enough---it is time for patriotic Americans across the political spectrum to bring 'regime change' to Boeing, unless management turns on a dime, and turns in the turncoats who place America and our allies in peril. Chicago once was a beacon drawing humanity forward--what a shame...