An IMPORTANT article concerning Benghazi/Rogue Policies

Written by an old friend and involving many new friends---this deserves close attention. Where is the outrage in the same media scrum that was all over Reagan and George W, Bush for operating foreign policies, possibly illegal ones, totally outside scrutiny from anyone? We have already experienced blowback with much more devastating damage sure to come.

Crazy for U.S.A. to allow jihad against adult cartoons!

In latest piece for The Washington Times, I go back to basics---in no way would Thomas Jefferson and the founders give in to those who might seek to intimidate free speech and free expression of religion. But, then what do you expect in 2015, when most Americans and much of the mainstream media are ignorant and unintersted in understanding history?

A must read on Paris

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Eric Holder are beyond disgraceful. How does Breitbart get so quickly to the obvious disturbing truth about what animates Islamic jihad?