Going on CCTV (Channel 134 in NYC) at 8:05 PM

To discuss Crimea/Russia--before then I will submit my latest piece to Breitbart diving into the details of already published Financial Reports for the Clinton Foundation that appear to contain material misstatements. These reports were published while Hillary served as a Director of the Foundation---if she cannot administer a comparatively small ($234 million in total revenues for 2012) charity, how will she steer a nation as big as America whose economy is more challenged than it ever has been?

So Hillary is Tampering with Evidence--This IS Different

Computer experts will explain that electronic records never actually disappear. In this case, there are lots of sloppy and greedy people involved---what one might attempt to destroy, another may still have. In the end, truth will out. Watch events in Egypt carefully--el Sisi must have LOTS of info, particularly email and other traffic American players thought was hidden, because it was sent in Arabic. I am guessing, not so much, and that NUMEROUS "folks" hacked the servers in DC, Chappaqua, as well as accounts of Teneo, Clinton Foundations. Moreover, there likely are many alias accounts (think Richard Windsor). Stay tuned.


The Muslim Brotherhood Operates AGAINST America

If anything is clear from daily scandal drippings, it must be that you simply should never believe anything that comes out from mouths of key Obama Administration personnel concerning the war America is losing against the obvious enemies carrying out radical Islamist jihad everywhere they can do so. Read this closely and please share:


Hillary Clinton will not win the Presidential Election

Facts matter--as the fog lifts over the battered economic landscape and Americans grow to appreciate that all President Obama has done is pile massive debts upon workers whose aftertax incomes remain under accentuating threat, the electorate that stayed home for Romney will come out in droves against Hillary, should Democrats unwisely select her. In this piece, I do not dive into why Benghazi and other foreign escapades under Hillary's watch DO matter. Stay tuned for much more on this and the web of conflicting interests that are part and part of the Team of Grifters who should not be allowed back inside the People's House EVER.


MUST READ: Muslim Brotherhood danger to U.S.

The Obama Administration is feeding the gullible a pack of lies concerning the true aims of the Muslim Brotherhood and its rising, potent dangers to this once great nation. Examine claims made in this linked article for yourselves--if you conclude, as I do, that Barack Obama and his cohorts are embarked on a ruinous course, then start speaking up, get engaged in the political process, and remember that ALL politicians work for us and should be even more vulnerable to the global labor glut that is choking off opportunities inside the United States and in other high wage nations across Europe and Asia.


Boko Haram in Nigeria is a Grave Threat

Last year, the President's "flip-flop. photo-op" foreign policy drew attention to the plight of Christian women abducted in northeastern Nigeria. It was not the first time there that the Muslim majority trammelled rights of a substantial Christian minority--and it likely will not be the last. What has America done (not said) since then? Little--and so Boko Haram rises and grows to threaten millions of persons, as well as an important source of America's imported energy. How can a man with such direct roots in Africa so blithely gambol at fundraisers and on vacation while Africa burns at the hands of radical Islamic "civilization-deniers"?