Qatar, FIFA, and now Barcelona: A Combustible Cocktail Indeed

You would think that soccer fans based in Europe (a breeding ground for radical Islamist jihadists) might care just a little bit how Qatari entities acquire the funds they pour into investments and what current leaders of that relatively tiny country do to foment violence so many places. Evidently, the European public and investigative journalists worldwide have only begun doing required homework.

Qatar is Aggressive and Recipients in Barcelona and Spain are Apparently Shameless

It can be called "filthy lucre" for excellent reasons, as appears to be the case with Qatar's flood of investment and other support in the world of soccer--those who lead FIFA and Barcelona surely can find reputable sponsors, rather than accepting noxious "blood money". It is time for fans and investigative journalists to take a much tougher look at how Qatar funds its investments and at what the entities and the current leaders of that tiny nation encourage to the detriment of the civilzed world.

Perhaps "Folks" are Having Second Thoughts about Qatar?

A thinly traded and lightly regulated market would be a natural place to turn dirty money into cleaner money--one imagines that Qatari rules pertaining to fiancial disclosures are likely far from transparent. Welcome news for those of us who believe that doing business with Qatar constitutes trading with enemies.

So Lockheed Martin Arms Qatar Too? For Shame!

Who decides what nations and entities are at war with the United States? In theory, Congress--in practice, a President who actually believes, even now, that the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar are "friends". Check for yourself---they and others that Qatar supports actively certainly are NOT friends to Americans of all political persuasions. Lockheed Martin should be ashamed of letting dangerous products fall into uncontriolled hands. And the American public and wider media needs to raise the volume.

Does Cornell University Need to Accept "Blood Money" from Qatar?

Economic times are tough---but an Ivy League Institution should do enough diligence on donors and strategic partners before sullying its reputation while burnishing the stature of a nation whose leading citizens rank among the most despicable sponsors of terrorism and evil throughout the world. Have trustees of Cornell sunk into the swamp with Qataris who create victims filling hospitals so many places? For Cornell Medical School, is the "Hippocratic" Oath now the "Hypocritic" Oath? Do your own research on Qatar--during World War II, would Cornell's trustees take money from Adolf Hitler to pursue medical research inside Germany and train doctors there? What has happened in recent years involving Qatar and Cornell seems little different to me.

Second Appearance 7 October 2014 on Sun News Network TV

President Obama has gone "rogue" against the Democrat Party, years after punishing all Americans with his disastrous domestic and foreign policies. Quite significant that Panetta slams him weeks before the 2014 national election, while America fights numerous wars, losing ground.

Why Does Texas A&M Accept "Blood Money" from Qatar?

Apparently, America's links to Qatar are a bi-partisan disgrace, predating President Obama. You would think a University whose tradition and history is integral to the defense of American values might be much more discerning in selecting foreign partners. Evidently, many people operating the University are blinded by the glint off of donations and contributions that certainly seem like "filthy lucre" to me, based upon review of publicly available information. Where is the outrage among patriotic Texas A&M alumni and students? Indeed, where is the outrage throughout the civilized world--Qatar is a tiny country using wealth obtained through obnoxious activities America should be stamping out there and worldwide. See for yourself and raise a stir!

Time to Get Serious About Bringing Qatar to Justice

A campaign is launched today to expose the role that influential persons and entities inside Qatar play financing terror and engaging in nefarious activities in many global hotspots. Fortunately, Qatar is a tiny nation, though admittedly a rich one. If ever there were need for "regime change", unless Qatar stops, forthwith, the leadership of Qatar--a family controlled monarchy--should be toppled. Under present circumstances, Qatar is no friend of the United States, though Qatari entities definitely enrich numerous captured American cronies. Those who care about stopping radical jihadist terror fighters should help cut off the flow of "blood money" emanating from Qatar.