Appearance 12 September 2014 on CCTV with Michelle Makori

Chinese state media is building a global presence using excellent international talent such as Michelle Makori, with whom it is always a pleasure to discuss geo-political, macro-economic, and investment trends. The mainstream media in the West is NOT doing its homework on Ukraine--I suspect we are backing the wrong coalition there and I know we are not shaking things up enough in Europe. They need to abandon high cost, debt and deficit ridden government, achieve combination benefits if they truly wish to unify (an open, unanswered question) and pay their fair shares for defending western civilization. Poking Putin in eastern europe while flailing in the Middle East will soon have grace consequences for the USA--can anyone talk sense to Barack Obama?

Appearance 9 September 2014 with Sun News Network

Our Canadian partners are doing a better job defending Western interests than the Obama Administration. It is past time to consider Vladimir Putin's arguments against the course, especially taken since 2009, propping up a failed European Union (mired in debt, deficits, aging populations) and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, enabling spread of radical Islamist terrorists.

Thoughts on Post 2008 Malaise and Russia from May 2012, in India

Early in my opinion writing (before benefit of excellent help from The Washington Times editors), I wrote this set of observations between the beaches of Goa, and the bustling in Bangalore. If you have time, you will enjoy watching the linked video showing President Reagan's Tribute in Normandy, at Pointe du Hoc. Comparing President Obama to President Reagan, objectively, and considering what the West now must do to get back on track is sobering.

Appearance 1 September 2014 with Sun News TV

Sadly, the Obama Administration mangles U.S. foreign policy badly. We have not thought clearly enough concerning who we may be "backing" inside Ukraine, as we "missunderestimate" Vladimir Putin and his strategic hand. Meanwhile, IS. AQ, other rogue actors, Iran, North Korea and rivals close in. Stay on your guard and stay safe--meanwhile, Happy Labor Day.

Appearance 14 August 2014 on CCTV with Michelle Makori

America and some Western allies do not choose to understand why Russia's Vladimir Putin is challenging Barack Obama's economic and geopolitical initiatives. Putin sees plainly (see his remarks in Davos at the World Economic Forum in January 2009 for example) that high cost, debt and deficit ridden socialism/crony capitalism in Western Europe cannot work, especially given the senior-tilted age structure of populations there. Like Col. Allen West, he questions (rightly) why the Obama Administration proceeds so lamely as it has done confronting radical Islam. Putin aims to break up NATO and push U.S. forces out of Europe. He just might succeed.