John McCain Appropriately Slams CNN Oaf Jay Carney

Is anyone else sick of the way Team Obam looks down their collectively noses while they lie straight into the television camera? I am not a fan of McCain, but please watch him "bring it" and slap down a "journalist" with no shame who is a disgrace, and will be proven so. Under Team Obama, America lowered our guard and invited the attacks that will rise in force. Let us hope we can put our house fully back in order, latest beginning 20 January 2017.

Who Benefits from President Obama's Foreign Policies?

For excellent reasons, America's Founders feared foreign entanglements--our record, under both political parties particularly since 1979 in the Middle East deserves close scrutiny. Let us hope Representative Trey Gowdy, the mainstream press, and fellow citizens dig into the facts concerning policies President Obama pursues. Here is one trail a famed investigative journalist was following last year, according to public reports. What does Sy Hersh know now, and when will the wider public learn his findings?