Expained latest warnings on markets/Russia/Iran last night with Joe Miller

On his radio show beamed from Fairbanks, Alaska---Joe almost made it into the U.S. Senate in 2014---he served this country ably in our military and holds the rare distinction of embracing conservatism through 3 years at Yale Law School--a stint he managed while also helping to raise a young family. I have never been more worried about the state of capital markets and the world than I am right now.


Watch our tor Russia and Iran---not simply IS, AQ et al

Latest just up on Breitbart with a sequel coming tomorrow--if you thought 2008/9 was tough, you better prepare for much worse. At least, back then, we were not fighting emboldened challengers. Moreover, the U.S. had ample spare debt capacity and room to keep interest rates surpressed which is not the case now. President Obama and his "team" have proven ignorant of the true perils America faces and incompetent---let's hope we can recover starting January 20, 2017.


Bubbles popping everywhere--WABC Radio on China Last Night

A treat to rejoin John Batchelor and Gordon Chang last night examining implications for China and the world of bursting bubbles. Interest rates across the planet have been too low for too long--virtually everywhere, we have built capacity far in excess of demand. Meanwhile, continuing advances in technology encourage replacement of human labor with machines and software. So, we have way too much debt, and not enough spare cash to bring the debt into balance without the inevitable and, this time, epic crash. Some politicians get this---one of these is Valdimir Putin (see his Davos speech in January 2009). Our President certainly does not get this. A blame game is in process, expect him and other leading leftists to start spinning the theme that the capitalist system is broken and cannot work. What other system has worked better? And, where are the enduring success stories following 6 years of a mixture of crony capitalism and crony socialism?


Latest for Breitbart---Gowdy Should Call Jarrett and Clinton

The double standard is appalling---mainstream media pour over Republicans and Conservatives yet give blatant passes to bold-faced lying from Democrats and Progressives. I suspect many parties will have renewed interest in discerning what happened after 2008 in Libya, in Egypt, and wherever The Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to exist.