The U.S. Economy is Far From Fixed--Latest Breitbart Piece

Try raising a family on a part-time job, or even on multiple part-time jobs--official U.S. government data, properly analyzed, show that a much larger population of Americans has yet to get back to the loevel of full-time jobs seen under George W. Bush in 2005! And this sorry state is after skewing capital markets and flooding out government spending. Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett either don't care to understand economics, or believe they will grasp onto even more power when the inevitable correction comes. Get ready "folks", the outlook is grim.

second in Breitbart Series on Jarrett

Americans and allies need to pierce the surface to understand what animates Valerie Jarrett, the one person other than Michelle who has a strong influence over our President. What credentials and experience qualify her to overrule hardened experts as America now confronts rising economic and geopolitical turmoil?

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Upon reflection, there are no sentient grown-ups minding the store in DC--listening to Valerie Jarrett defend the indefensible release of yet another terrorist not even from GITMO and early trlls mr this team is sure it can flout laws at least until 20 January 2017. You need to consider "facts", then speak up because dangers are rising on many fronts.