This Letter On Qatar Should Have Been Addressed to America's Unelected Leader

Nixon had his Bebe Rebozo--Valerie Jarrett is cut from far more dangerous cloth---she has never been vetted and I suspect she would not come close to passing a fairly administered background check. Exactly how did she acquire her personal wealth? What is her role in negiations with Iran, with Qatar, and in the numerous real scandals that Obama supporters in the mainstream press, even now, foolishly cover up? There is a War on Women---it is financed by Qatar and Iran, and apparently enabled by American taxpayers who are kept in the dark by Team Obama. To move forward, Americans should engage our brains, dig into publicly available facts and then constrain and correct the dangerous policy errors advanced in secret by a regime that believes it is accountable to no one. Vote next week for the competence each of us deserves inside the greatest nation on Earth.