The In-Depth Process Begins

In this letter, I explain my general approach to analyzing Clinton Foundation public filings, and list out specific topics that will shortly be covered in extensive detail.

To the extent feasible, I will explain the issues deserving attention so that the general public can understand my concerns, and also so that financial and accounting experts can evaluate whether I am correct.

As you consider these materials, please remember a simple thing: financial reports for a given year are only as solid as the reports from prior years that they rest upon. 

Particularly when red flags are fluttering (restatements, management turnover, restructurings, mergers, and changes in accounting firms are clear warning signs), the general public and particularly regulators and government authorities should examine public filings with special care, or even intense concern.

Please read this information carefully. If you agree that it deserves attention, please circulate it to your friends and especially to any regulators you may know, inside and outside the United States.

Thank you for you attention and stay tuned for much more.

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For quite some time it has seemed as if the Clinton Foundation is more like a modern, international version of Tammany Hall Hall. Your report, sadly, shows that the reality is worse.
The Clinton Foundation is mentioned several times in a new book called "1,202 well sourced examples of Barack Obama's lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc." It can be purchased at
They've been doing this from the beginning. It's all a front. There is no charity given. Someone with ethics needs to take seriously, as this, and actually prosecute.
Thank you Charles Ortel for this analysis. For some time now I have been disturbed by a belief that the Clinton Foundation has been used as a tax exempt 501(C)3 Charitable organization to move large sums of money from corporations, foreign governments and billionaires to benefit the Clinton family personally and possibly to further their political endeavors and power. What you have discovered has done little to dispel my beliefs. I also suspect that some of the 31K "personal" emails that were purged from the private server may well relate to some of these Clinton Foundation transactions. I hope the FBI has been successful in recovering them or that the extradited Romanian hacker "Guccifer" is able to provide them with copies.
Thank you Mr. Ortel. Excellent work. I am not a lawyer but do have some accounting training. How come I keep thinking 'laundering money' when I read all of this? I don't even know if it applies, but nonetheless the whole thing is beyond redemption. Thanks again.
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