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Thank you Charles.
I sent this to 500 newspapers
Charles, will links to the exhibits and appendices be provided?
May I suggest you send these communications to the super-delegates who are currently adhering to Hillary? I will share your page widely.
Although I mistrust FoxNews for many things including Bill Reilly's fake news coverage of his WarZone activities, and their phony "No Go Zone", I read "Wall Street Whistle-blower Drops BOMBSHELL About Clinton Foundation" this morning about Charles Ortel's probes into the Clintons. I mistrust the Clintons more than Fox News, so I decided to see what gives. One quick search by this "Canadian" into Clinton based fundraising here in Canada yielded this article by the Washington Post dated April 18, 2015 bringing in Canadian Energy Company - Pacific Rubiales. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/1100-do... Vancouver Canada-based foundation "Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership" is mining magnate Frank Giustra's partnership baby. Regarding Pacific Rubiales (energy sector) which I owned as a stock during the 2009 Stock Market Meltdown, and lost big time... "The company does not appear in the Clinton Foundation’s published list of donors. But it has said in a news release that it has given $3.5 million to the Clinton Giustra partnership." Amazing! Get those Clintons!
Mr. Ortel, Outstanding work. I am SURE that you have enlightened so many of us on the Clinton Foundation - a genuine sham! God bless you, Joe Fratolill
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