Are Clinton Foundation Principals and Agents Truly Too Big to Jail?

Controversies swirling today in the press concerning public disclosures of the Clinton Foundation miss many important points.

Materially misleading historical tax returns and audited financial statements filed for Clinton Health Access, Initiative, Inc. (operating internationally from a base in Boston, MA) are just one small portion of a far larger set of epic problems with the entire Clinton Foundation complex of supposed charities.

Exhibits and Appendices presented starting today attempt to explain the wider set of issues that trustees, executives, substantial donors, connected insiders, and professional advisors must address and remedy before a hard deadline passes on midnight, 16 November 2015.

Pressure rises most upon several supposedly independent and accredited accounting firms that appear to have been duped by false and materially misleading representations made to them in the course of issuing “audits” for calendar years 2001 through 2013.

It is impossible for trustees to meet the imminent disclosure deadline lawfully without amending and explaining multiple years of false and materially misleading public disclosures that remained outstanding as Clinton Foundation principals and agents illegally solicited donations across state and national boundaries using the mails, telephones, and digital media.

Time is of the essence.

Will U.S. and foreign government authorities move to punish those responsible for operating a global disaster charity fraud whose scale, so far runs into the many billions of U.S. dollars?

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I think that the book Unlimited Access ia unveiling as well. I am fairly gullible at times but I had no clue that FBI, CIA, or anyone else could loose their positions or be demoted to a desk job, by a phone call, if they decided to investigate our executive branch of government. Good work Mr. Ortel, as when someone starts to research the Clintons, it leads to a slough of money laundering, fraud, and drugs, unlike any president or presidential candidate in our history, and that is after sifting through all of the false information and and attention seeking hyperbola. It is the net result. Thank you for your work and efforts.
Easy to answer. If this identical organization was thought to be corrupt and it was named the Trump Foundation.....would the Dem pols EVER rest, until all the perps were in jail?
Unless someone comes up with a video of the old bag, stomping a basket full of puppies, she will skate.
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