The Real Clinton Foundation Record is Getting Exposed

Readers who visit Clinton Foundation websites are forgiven for believing information found there presents the complete record.

In fact, key documents and disclosures are missing or contradict other filings that a persistent investigator only finds by scanning a raft of state, federal, and foreign databases.

Today's posting concentrates upon explaining certain issues that are subjects of growing media interest, but fall outside the chronological order of forthcoming Exhibits 1 through 40, that explain history important to an assessment of Clinton Foundation filings for 23 October 1997 through 31 December 2010.

As this posting discusses in detail, the biggest issue presented by revelations concerning a $2 million private investment arranged by a Clinton Foundation entity is whether this entity, the Clinton Global Initiative, Inc ("New CGI") is even a duly constituted tax-exempt charity.

Furthermore, if New CGI was never a validly constituted tax-exempt charity, how was the tax and legal status of its parent, the Clinton Foundation, affected?

Meanwhile, much larger issues surround Clinton family connections to Laureate Education Inc., its key executives, investors, and affiliates.

Do not listen to surface level media reports that fail to consider the complete public record.

Join me in engaging upon "stubborn facts".

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Please keep up this 21st century muck raking of this high tech Tammany Hall. The emerging story is disturbing to anyone who cares about good governance.
Thank you for you diligence.
Thank you.
You have a typo in your first sentence. Forgiven, not foregiven.
Hi if you are doing support the education department in the world .Me will be say it's wonderful.This foundation must be see the poverty in the world.Those countries have the problems of povert must slovedthem.because if people have basically facilities in their life then they are happy.Thanks.Javed
Hi me Will be say u that if this foundation is doing working about the education in the world it's wonderful because information and awarnes is impotant to the people and without education it's not possible.second this foundation must be do work about the povert in the world because people wants basicaly facilities in those lives.if they have good water food so their life is good.must be do work on partical. Thanks.Javed
don't look now, but you have Muhammad Javed Iqbal - who is either a completely deluded person or a troll making ludicrous comments
SHAME ON YOU!! What a incredibly bunch of intelligently manipulated innuendos from someone that obviously has a devious agenda. Actual facts are so few and far between, it is an embarrassment to read this. You really need to seek help in better handling your mis-directed anger. I can only assume they had done something to you personally, for you to waste this much time, and effort to disparage a charity that has done so much good in the world. Put everything in perspective, and you will see your attacks as being so insidious, and shameful. Get a life!!!
Thank-you Mr. Ortel for your time and efforts towards investigating the Clinton Grifters Inc. In 2013, only 9% of the monies spent at the CF went to charitable causes, the other 91% went to salaries,travel,office rent, supplies, etc. This is not a charity! Check Charity Navigator. Clintons keep their friends on salary at the Foundation and Teneo to do their dirty work, bring in the $$$, and maybe have a minion to throw under the bus if a scandal arises. After rigging the DNC primaries, DWS quickly was hired on to the campaign. With the Clintons, you are rewarded for deceitfulness if it helps towards Clinton goals. Your question as to why no other agencies, especially the IRS, have not seen red flags in the CF or CGI filings and lack of independent audits illustrates just how politically motivated and potentially destructive are the checks and balances of this present government.
ever notice since the Clinton Cartel arrived in LA, how many celebs are strangely dying, like dearest Joan Rivers, and Prince, the list goes on… I say, it's not about anything but a deadly bunch of lowlife "grifters" getting carried away with their deadly agenda on a global scale, will make great reading in the New Earth after they are all long gone...
How about some bullet points? This is impossible to read.
Clintons use digital invisible ink on their tax returns and we discover that the big donors are also top members of the Justice Department and the FBI via their vested interests in the companies that provided the funds.
Your email link is broken. My emails get bounced back as undeliverable.
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