Appearance 26 August 2014 on Sun News with Alex Pierson

Next time I will make sure to straighten my tie--this time I was too busy trying to straighten out the grossly negligent and incompetent team that is simultaneously draining American prestige and exposing Western Civilization to a raft of rising threats. On Libya alone, numerous "folks" should be drummed out of office, possibly even punished quite severely. The world deserves to know who finances and supports the Islamic State--then these war criminals need to be stamped out of existence and jihadism condemned for what it is: the worst possible offence against humanity.

It is Past Time for Islam to Excise Jihadism and Reform

As Christianity did starting early in the 16th century, Islam now must purge itself of elements who defile themselves and Islam by killing and subjugating in the name of God. Saudi Arabia, Tehran, Qatar, and Turkey may need strong pushes in the correct direction from America and from Western allies. It is doubtful that the Obama Administration will make the correct, and rather easy choices that lie ahead. We may have to wait until January 20, 2017--unless we are struck hard first. In this regard, I worry about the Vatican and Rome even more than I worry about Chicago and New York City. Stay safe.

Appearance 15 August 20014 with Alex Pierson of Sun News Network

The United States and the West only now wake up to dread threats posed by followers of Radical Islam. It is good, perhaps, that President Obama and others cut short summer vacations. Still, after so much time, effort, and human loss it is past time to put governments in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran on notice they will play heavy tolls should our homelands be hit again and they must forthwith cease supporting IS directly or indirectly as well as other militant groups.