Present at the Birth---in Brooklyn!

Who might imagine that this buckaroo and son of the buckaroo would give birth in Brooklyn to a new chapter in the evolution of my journey through the media universe?

Imagine no longer---and visit The West in Williamsburg--so much better than Manhattan! Enthusiastic hat-tip to Will Ortel!

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Text 808-375-7558 Allen and John Foster Dulles, huge treasonous traitors, brought post WWII the largest number of Ratline Nazis and Stasis to this country -- over 200,000 whose children are paid on the dark web to deceive and defraud us about their infiltration into the news media, government, and intelligence agencies. These payments is why the CIA operates a drub lab cooking drugs inside the GWB wing in Langley. The covert CIA, DOJ, FBI at certain levels is prolific with these traitors such as Mueller's team. This is why the Bush-Clinton-Obama drug cartel has sold drugs and child trafficked -- to pay themselves and their political operative minions, also traitors to the country.
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