Point 8 in my 10 Point Recovery Plan for America

Enough with nuance and theoretical nicety--when a nation ends up in military conflict, it must fight to achieve decisive victory using all available means. There is no clean way to defeat an enemy and every reason, as our wise Founders knew so well, that the People embrace and then utterly support our fighting forces all the way well best the bitter end. Our President fails every one of us, across the political spectrum--he would not even make the junior varsity team today, given objective scrutiny, yet he remains Commander in Chief. Lord help America and what remains of the civilized world.

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Our President fails us? No sir, our congress fails us! Our congress has been sitting on their collective asses and letting the military industrial complex elite drag us into every BS conflict it can get it's collective hands on. We have a stupefied system at this point and our BEST chance is to elect Bernie Sanders!
Well, your political agenda is now out in the open. I came to your site to see what you are about, now I know. So now, everything you say, seems to me, to be filtered by your political predisposition. Too bad. While I agree that, if we start a war, we should continue till it is finished with citizen's full support, that is only one tiny aspect of the circumstance of war. Truth be told, the US has started very few, if any, wars, mostly responds to attack. To my recollection, Obama did not start the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe you have other information. You imply that, even so, we should be cutting a swathe through the middle east that will kill all the bad guys that hate us. Where would that be, Iraq, Afghan, Syria, Pakistan, etc, etc. My question to you is this, are you prepared to go and fight? Are you prepared to send your children? Moreover, are we to kill everyone? Because we surely can't identify everyone who presently hates us, not to mention those who would join the haters when we did start an ethnic cleansing. Just how do you propose to identify the guilty parties? You may be a "wunderkind" on the financial scene, but show remarkable naivety on the geopolitical and sociological arena.