Have the Clintons Turned New York into the Epicenter for Global Disaster Relief Charity Frauds?

Welcome Washington Examiner readers. Here is a link to some prior work: Are Clinton Foundation Agents and Principals Truly Too Big to Jail? Here is a link to the Charity Fraud Countdown Clock.

Natural disasters strike all too often. After they do, fraudsters scurry out behind “false-front” charities and insert themselves between the growing global community of generous donors and truly needy victims.

Disaster relief charity fraud is a serious, escalating problem because it is so easy to perform and quite tough to police--just consider recent reports of such scams that are said to involve celebrities and even official government-linked enterprises, including many tied to the U.S. government and to the United Nations.

These first two General Exhibits introduce those who might have little familiarity with how financial frauds operate to warning signs that experts watch for, and to special and strict laws designed in New York state to catch charity fraud.

Trustees are one protection against charity fraud, assuming they take their solemn duties seriously and are given leave to exercise them independently. Particularly in the early period starting in 2001, Trustees do not seem to have been truly independent, nor did they take their duties seriously enough, judging from a close and ongoing review of Clinton Foundation public filings.

Competent, engaged, and independent accountants are another bulwark against charity fraud; however, from 2001 to present, no accounting firm associated with Clinton Foundation actually completed a proper audit of any Clinton Foundation entity, as is strictly required under numerous laws.

Read these first two Exhibits carefully and start to see for yourself how serious uncured problems are with regard to Clinton Foundation public disclosures and operating practices.

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Charles, I wrote you before ... I have some background on Mary Jo White and her connection to her leaving Justice and being replaced by Comey and Muller is the Southern District of NY ... relates to former Senator Robert Torricelli and the drop investigation ... she was the SD Ag from 93 to 02, resigned the week after ... the Torch was connected to the Clintons (largest fundraiser for the Dems) ... later named head of SEC by Obama ... the torch went from little to no assets and a disgraced Senator to a net worth of over 30 million ... hence a connection to the Clintons and there may be a connection to the Clinton Foundation .... I was involved as a source for MJW's team in their investigation of the Torches fraud and corruption ... the IPO stock fraud that got the ball rolling on him (with protection from the Clinton administration and the SEC) ... I was the source on the IPO/fraud and all the players, Ironically MJW was named SEC head .... I always knew there was politics involved ... and something very fishy to all these connections ... email is in header ... contact me if you like
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