Concentrating on Clinton Foundation Facts

The attached Executive Summary continues an investigation into the Clinton Foundation public record begun, by chance, in February 2015.

Since then, questions have started to swirl around the various entities that comprise what I call the Clinton Charity Network: a group of entities supported by a variety of donors from inside the United States and around the world.

Beginning today, and regularly thereafter, numerous detailed Exhibits will examine the known public record of the Clinton Charity Network within the context of applicable state, federal, and foreign laws.

The next Exhibit, Exhibit 1, is scheduled to follow the Executive Summary late on 7 September 2016.

To the extent feasible, comments and suggestions made via this website will be returned by email.

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Still looking through this. Very interesting. I am sure you saw the article posted below on the failure of the CF and CHAI to follow the NY disclosure laws. I would like to see a sheet on what foreign governments say they donated and what the CF and CHAI report as having been donated in the different tax years. I suspect there are discrepancies and that is why there is resistance by the CF in reporting the actual amounts donated since that might cause both our govt and the foreign governments to review the discrepancies. Unless the donations received are reported on a per agency basis, what is the method to reconcile what the foreign government says it donated to the amount reported by the charity? Is there any? If there is not any way to check, the system is ripe for abuse.
Very thorough. I suspect each Exhibit will be similarly thorough. Thank you for pouring time into a worthwhile cause that went neglected for far too long. Your call to action would benefit from specificity. Who do I need to contact specifically to make a difference in this matter? And if you have information on how to best reach them, that would be helpful as well.
There are notable discrepancies in what many donors have announced they gave, what some recipients have stated in the relatively rare cases of cash donations (e.g. Peru), and what the Foundation has announced on its website or sporadic reports. An ordinary audit will test accounts, matching award letters, contracts and deposits. The unusual method the Foundation uses of putting large ranges of donation over the course of unknown accounting periods could be a result of this problem. It is not done by any other Foundation of its classification and size.
She is an evil person, going "mad ".
She is an evil person, going Mad .
As John Adams so rightly said in 1770, "Facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence". Thank you, Charles Ortel for your facts!!
I hope you have a guardian angel. It is well known what happens to people who go digging into the Clinton's affairs. The Clinton body count just keeps getting higher and higher. Godspeed my brave friend.
Hi Charles, One question. Didn't the Clinton Legal Defense Fund be included in all this or would this be considered a separate entity? Best Robin
This needs the full details to be audited. Seems CF reports just enough to report say it's all legal, but the devil remains in the details, which they fail to report.
Thank you so much, Mr. Ortel, for doing all of this laborious work for our democracy. I am a progressive from an old-fashioned FDR democratic family and we are shocked and dismayed by what we are seeing in the party at this time. This election has brought us together with so many different people who are not caring so much about right, left,democrat or republican, but about democracy surviving this election and next presidency. Thanks again, Louise Hoff, on behalf of many members of my family.
Imagine going through all the painstaking work that Charles Sortel has undergone and knowing deep-in-your-bones that it will amount to absolutely nothing whatsoever.
Filthy scum corrupt Clintons.
It looks likes you just made the top if the Clinton hit list. Holding back data has proved fatal to many prominent people. Either dump it all now, or distribute it to dozens of sources that cannot be traced back to you in any way. Dumping it is the safest option.
So, the gist of your paper is there isn't proper documentation or detailed documentation. Are you claiming that the work of these entities did not go on, were paid for by others and claimed by the entities or wholesale fraud? To what extent are any of the tax or it he information deficient? Are charities responsible to publish all internal documents? Most Importantly, I don't see here any accusations of misuse of funds. Projects that are fraudulent have people who benefited.
I truly hope Charles Ortel is not murdered before all is so many others have been by the clintons.
Thanks for the detailed analysis and exposition - it's really needed. When I ask myself, "How can this happen?", the only answer that makes sense to me is that this is a CIA operation. The "charity" is a perfect vehicle to get into many countries with a viable cover. Then money gets laundered. Do you think Bill and Hilary are smart enough to do all of this on their own? I don't. Why do you think Seth Rich was murdered? Someone was protecting their "asset." Be careful. There are unseen actors running the show.
When do we get to see the first exhibit? Thought it would be up late yesterday.
She is guilty , as she should had stepped down during her term as Secretary of State. She accepted millions from countries that supported terrorists. Waiting to see what Julian Assange will have in damaging e-mails on her. Have feeling a lot will be on this, plus any wrong doings in this campaign , she has done.
With all the pay-for-play commitments by Hillary, what happens to her if she loses the election? There will be many powerful people betrayed.
I do not like either major party and I certainly do not like Hillary but so far you make many bold allegations with little supporting evidence. Only someone deeply familiar with charitable foundation law would know whether your list of proposed exhibits( where is the first one promised on Sep 7?) is likely to hold up with anyone other than the paranoid Breitbart fans of the far right. I would certainly like to see the full information a complete audit would provide, but the power cards are stacked against that happening. Without more persuasive facts that clearly show illegal behavior I find your dismissaI of Charity Watch unconvincing. That deserves an independent article and is too important to dismiss by calling it spurious. A better argument is needed. Why would they forfeit their reputation for a false report? I distrust the C foundation particularly for the donations from the Saudis and similar snakes and am open to an investigative analysis. The NYT did a very critical look at the CF work in Haiti showing a massive failure to use funds well and address conditions in Haiti with real solutions. But I am worried that you are politically driven rather than truth driven.
Thank you, Mr. Ortel, so much for all of your work. I'm looking for guidance in how to argue against those who point to Independent Auditor Reports available on the CF website, as well as Charity Navigator's very favorable rating.
It's 11 September, where is exhibit 1 please?
Where are the exhibits, or at least a post updating us on what is going on? If I am asked to redistribute this work, as extensive as it is, I need evidence, not accusations.
When are you planning to release the exhibits?
Charles, credibility looking challenged if you will not keep to your timelines. Has the hit squad been on the scene or is there a less significant problem. Silence on the promised installments is shattering our confidence and trust.
Charles - when will you be posting the first exhibit? look forward to it. thanks
Charles, I have years of audit experience and welcome your hard work. I am investigating whether Osama Bin Laden contributed to the Clinton Foundation through his Saudi network in exchange for his life. Would you have any evidence to support this?
Any update? It is well over a month since Sept 7. When will the exhibits be posted?
Great article and analysis! Thank you for the extensive work, and consideration of the people in Haiti, and the generous people who were deceived for donations in the disaster relief. Much appreciated efforts!
Mr. Ortel, I have something important to bring to your attention. Thank you for all your efforts in exposing the Clinton Foundation. I would like to bring to your attention an aspect that you may have not considered, which is that the Clinton Foundation is a charity included in the OPM's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Who knows how many thousands of government workers and military members have been defrauded. As a retired soldier, I can tell you that CFC is a big deal in the military from the top down to the lowest ranks with all being told that their contributions are tax-deductible. Here is the CFC listing from 2015.
I stated an error in my previous comment. The military doesn't tell its CFC donors that donations are tax-deductable. The written instructions advise the donors to consult a tax advisor. BTW, I suppose Lois Lerner's clearing of the Clinton Foundation is what led to its inclusion in CFC. It may be informative to view the Foundation's CFC filings.
Thanky you very mutch from swiss The government admits that the donation was made to an unfavorable point (US tax dispute) but do not want to justify itself. We citizens are indignant about this, nevertheless the media has been silent about this since the report. Germany does not know yet anything that finances its tax destruction. With Mediendiktatur, one can not live well from the arms trade; Ukraine or Syria. Russia is guilty and evil, who is waiting for us at the EU border.
Dear Charles, The Clinton's have stolen millions from me. A $30 million lump some from my 31 August 2007 $330 million winning lottery ticket, was stolen from me by attorneys in the law offices of Anthony Schram, Freddy B Ruiz and others, for continued federal protection to exploit my family and I, my wealth and steal Intellectual Property, that they would then broker for their profit. I never provided legal authorization of representation to any of these people, and any that appears to be given was under the influence of drug / hypno &/or duress. I want my money back, access to my wealth and freedom to leave this country with my children's and grandson's bodies, which the Clinton's allowed human trafficker, Freddy Briones Ruiz to sell for sex, rape, torture and murder as a fellow Clinton pedophile and voodoo practitioner to spiritual influence victims of their criminal choices and behavior. God help us stop their lies and violation of my family, life, wealth and sanctify the lose of life the Clinton family have murdered to progress their criminal capitalism with the enslavement of people like me. I am currently at 407 W 20th, Apt 2, Wilmington DE 19802, still being drug-hypno raped by Clinton Coven supporters to character assassinate, identity theft wealth, pervert my access to truth about the murder of my children and punish me with left of access to my millions for not actively supporting the Clinton's, because I have both a faith and moral issues with their exploitation of my intelligence for their master / slave paradigm in handling me, my family and wealth for their brokering profit and pimping of my body through Delaware VP Pimp, Joe Biden, and his local gang rapists that criminally manage me. My dad was an Army PsyOps Handler, and taught all his children and others, how intellectual property for the brokering of a victim's Handler; ie. Modern Day Slavery. Charles, I want my money back that the Clinton's have stolen, along with my Intellectual Property Rights for knowledge they have stolen from me and brokered worldwide. If I don't get Justice in this life, I am sure all my fellow global citizens can tell God "why" at our Judgment, their reasons for helping the Clinton's, Obama's, Bush's and my dad, steal from me, murder my children and theirs, sell use as whores, publicly humiliate us in a hate crime punk reality show online violation and willfully deny me Justice and lawful, moral assistance and protection from these criminals, which the FBI has formally denied me & my girls, since my asking for protection from these human traffickers July 2007 in San Antonio, Texas. Most sincerely. Mary Sowder Ryckman
At this point, perhaps the only valuable information one might glean from the Clinton Foundation and Hillary is what malware service did they use to protect themselves from being hacked -- So the rest of us deplorables know whose service to avoid...
I uncovered a criminal artifice crafted by Pres. Bill Clinton into NAFTA. I believe the resulting fraud and evasion was a test that led to the avoidance model used by the Clinton's in their "philanthropic" efforts. The NAFTA fraud and evasion totals tens of billions annually that benefits scofflaw U.S. corporations and the U.S. and Mexican politicians who kowtow to the corporate purses that finance their reigns of power. The model uses the vacuum and conflicts that exists between the financial accounting standards between U.S. and foreign nations. Although FASB's are supposed to set common accounting reporting standards, the various unique accounting standards set and enforced by the various nations and their internal states, provinces and districts create a "no man's land" where skullduggery abounds. I believe you should know about and understand the workings of the NAFTA artifice which has been mimicked in other free trade agreements including TPP. The artifice is the paradigm the Clinton's and consequently other public and private institutions use to "screw" the unknowing common person. Knowing about the artifice provides the precedence needed to demonstrate prior knowledge of improper activity.
Clinton Foundation
When are you going to report on the Clinton criminal artifice in NAFTA and other free trade agreements? Jim Sieglitz Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Posthaven Comments Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2017 9:23 PM
SecState had a prime position on CFIUS, so Hillary C. may well have quietly also been instrumental in disseminating a second strategic material worldwide, in addition to uranium. CFIUS reviewed and approved the end of the 40 yr. ban on exporting US crude oil stocks.
Thank You for masterful effort. We can request that Jeff Sessions examines your investigation and analysis. This template will be used by Obama to steal another $100 Billion unless it is stopped. Where are the attorneys when you need them?
Hi Charles .... former Wall Street guy, FHLB Treasury back in the S&L crisis, we have some old mutual friends, and I'm an old source/witness for Mary Jo White (DOJ Southern District NY) on the Robert Torricelli investigation (I exposed the stock fraud deal with the S&L to the Star Ledger, then was asked back in by MJW AG on the other corruption allegations leading to censure ) ... I see he's now back in the news scouting Menendez's seat ? if he's convicted ? .... I've been out of the business for 25 years, but still keep my sources and intel I'm out in PA now but love your work here on the Foundation(s)... if you need any investigative help I still retain those skills, intuitive in connecting the dots .... and a background in both Federal/State Law ... minor point, but the "Torch" is still quite close to the Clinton's and was seeking a position had she won ... and I get your point that the tide is turning and there are many avenues to a Clinton Inc prosecution ... something we need to close this sad chapter in US history My email is above, contact me if you might want another set of eyes, either looking at, or covering other venues of investigation/research/evidence ... pro bono, as like you I seek only justice and closure with the cabal Best to you, and thank you for your commitment to the truth .. I will keep you in my prayers Jim
Charles, after thought ... not directly related, but insightful as to the current state in DC/Deep State ... check out youtube channel of "Bombards Body Language" .... her analysis of the Comey/Rogers hearing with trey Gowdy is well worth the time (as are the others, including H. Clinton)... I'm sure you'll find her analysis intriguing, and she is good ... there are good and semi good people in DC being manipulated and blackmailed ... Comey and Rogers are just the tip of the iceberg no matter what side they're playing for ... when you loose Justice, FBI and National Security, etc ... things will only get worse ... as you know they've had education and the courts for some time ... and hence, I'm not really sure how the Trump win, or the Trump/Sessions thing is going to work, or play out ... if we lose this battle/war ... this country is toast
GNN THY WILL BE DONE>>>IT’S GOING DOWN: A “New Sheriff” To Make BIG Arrests? 4,289 Sealed Indictments In 3 Weeks
So much "open crime" where nobody gets convicted. The Clinton Crime Machine has been in operation a long time.
You should get Goat Hill Pizzas taxes & anything else .... they’d be selling 2 pizzas a minute w that revenue FTR- their foot traffic isn’t close Your Digging skills are unmatched Find Pelosi’s flour order, ask ANY PIZZA CHEF, and basic logic Not buying enough flour for sales numbers Selling too many pizzas for basic logic Money Laundering
Have you considered that Kamala Harris, the former California Attorney General, had oversight of the Clinton charities in California and chose to do nothing to enforce the laws? Now that we hear rumblings that she wants to run for POTUS in 2020, this is crucial information that you may want to consider adding to your narrative. BTW, we also know Becerra has done nothing too. We subscribe to MAGA and MCaliGA.
Dear Charles and Jason: Words can not express the depth of my gratitude for your diligence, expertise, fortitude and ultimate grit in tackling the crime gang of centuries — certainly a dominant force in my small corner of the world. I wonder if either of you are aware of the sage of Rod Hotham, an accountant — his disappearance 25 years ago September 16, 1992 — and the dedication of his brother Timothy Ellis Hotham to bring this horror to light. In Timothy’s words: Dear President Trump Justice 4 Rod Hotham (@Justice4Rod) | Twitter My apologies for not having sent this sooner — An accountant, Rod Hotham’s life chillingly echoes that of Harmon Wilfred, yet without the intelligence background he did not make it beyond the syndicates grip and all roads lead to slippery loans, missing dollars, Indian Nations, Cayman Islands and your case — again. Traffick Report with John Taylor & Howie - Part 1, My Brother was Murdered: Tim Hotham 8-23-2017 - YouTube. @10:00 in they begin Traffick Report with John Taylor & Howie - Part 2: My brother was MURDERED! 8-25-2017 - YouTube Sincerely, Pamela
GREAT work buddy. #IAmAndrewBrietbart lots of screen shots of everything I find.
Charles Ortel you are a hard working fellow, your analysis is precise. The crimes and criminals will take years to successfully prosecute. However, I am concerned; the enemy is getting away. "It's the Economy" Under the cover of the 2008 Financial Meltdown, the Obama Administration, infiltrated Wall St. bagmen, and the Establishment Congress gave $40 Trillion dollars and the nation to Wall St. The TBTF banker-speculators were saved, however over 30 million Americans were forced out of their homes through a colorable, fraudulent, foreclosure process. It's never been investigated. 100 million Americans are driven into Poverty caused by the Wall St. system now dependent on permanent subsidy. Poverty is the actual national security crisis. The Reorganization of the US Treasury and the Fed, now dedicated to serving the banker-speculators, is also a national security priority. The allocation of $trillions of dollars has been squandered and must be retrieved now, as the necessary Redevelopment of North America awaits.
It reminds me of the work of Harry Markopolos who went to the SEC years earlier to expose Bernie Madoff and was also ignored. Great Job Charles. Hillary allegedly stated "if they indict me, I'll take half of DC with me. I wonder if we have enough available prison beds? Wouldn't it be cool to fill up all these FEMA camps with them instread of with us. A couple of years ago now I uncovered that the Notice of Federal Tax Liens (NFTL) being issued by the IRS Dept. of the Treasury are legally deficient as valid liens, meaning they are inforceing leins they shouln't be and 10's of thousands of these liens are being issued with ganishments of bank accounts, wages and even confiscation of homes on occasion. A group of Federal Judges were in cahoots and the SCOTUS even refused to hear the case when we tried to expose the fraud. I tried to use the info to have a Friends NFTL removed and they ignored us. I even wrote a book showing all the material evindence that they were legally deficient. We've obviously lost control of the Judiciary and rule of law, if we realy ever had one.
Hi there Charles, My husband and I are grateful for all of your work exposing the grifters. We are regular watchers of the show with Jason. This YouTube kid apperared today. Before he was even half way through it, I thought that it sounded like the grifters are involved and low and behold their name appears at the end. This story is the first on the broadcast and involves the a 2020 election candidate. Interesting. Enclosed is a link. All the best, Amy
If have watched 70 of your videos with Jason. Occasionally I get in a scuffle on twitter, such as today where someone blabs a pseudo comparison of Trump Charity and Clinton charity. I wish your web site had like 5 standard responses that are retweetable to counter these people. They usually point to a link to the CF and some audit there saying it has an A-rating. If you had a press guide how to respond to these people it would be helpful. I could come up with a good response but at the end of the work day my brain is mush. Any ways this is just an idea.
Charles, Please post a rebuttle on ZeroHedge addressing pathetic FBI Agent Huber's inability to find a single crime in the mountain of corruption you have clearly documented. I think the FBI has been given more than enough time to do the right thing. They are only interested in arresting Conservatives. It's time they were shown the door.
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