Brief Update and [Non-Monetary] Appeal

Get ready for lots more analysis of the Clinton Foundation.

I will soon start posting new, in-depth, detailed reports explaining what I have found in the public record concerning the Clinton Foundation. In the latest document, I provide information concerning some of the new avenues we shall start exploring in coming days.

And while I am not asking for money, please join me in trying to force government authorities to do the jobs they have neglected to do for so long, indeed for almost 20 years.

To move government regulators to act, we must excite more investigative journalists to ask probing questions and we must raise the level of interest among citizens inside and outside this counrty.

When you read my forthcoming reports, and when you check for yourself, you will see that the Clinton Foundation still operates far outside laws that regulate all charities, and particularly those that work internationally, from a U.S. base.

So what can you do?

You can share my work with friends.

You can send it to contacts in the media and in state, federal, and foreign governments.

If you want to stay more closely in touch, you can follow me (@CharlesOrtel) on twitter--I try to provide regular updates using twitter that direct you to my site for more detailed infromation.

Most tax-exempt organizations play by strict rules--the Clinton Foundation should not continue to be the flagrant example that it has been for almost 20 years.

Please join me in trying to force Clinton Foundation trustees to do their jobs, and to obey the law, or suffer the consequences.