Latest On the Money Podcast with The Washington Times

I introduce the show, commenting about events of the past week. Around 7:45, we are joined by Robert Spencer; around 20:00, Christian Adams joins for an extended discussion; around 44:00 fund manager Jeffrey Borneman explains a strategy worth exploring; and I preview the coming week.

Appearance 8 August 2014 on Sun News Network

What do you think about Obama Administration foreign policies? Let me know...

Latest GM Developments

Assuming the Department of Justice does a thorough job (not a safe assumption), investigators may get to the nub of the issue that concerns me most regarding the supposed turnaround at GM. American taxpayers deserve to understand whether GM (U.S. only) was actually fixed, or whether it may have to be restructured again. Second, when did White House officials learn of the many long-dated problems now so evident at GM? Third, were public disclosures made by GM materially misleading and if so, who is responsible?

With the Middle East aflame and GM foundering, the argument to re-elect the Obama-Biden ticket in 2012 appears inoperative.

An Early Chance to Listen to the Latest "On the Money" Podcast

I introduce the program until 7:00; Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media joins us until 22:30; author and Libertarian Party 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate Wayne Allyn Root shares his ideas until 53:15; Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street closes out our guest interviews until 69:15; and I summarize until 77:15.

Thoughts on Middle East Mayhem from 23 June 2014

We see today abundant evidence of dangers that result when we are dishonest about qualifications and accomplishments of "leaders"--these certainly "make a difference"!

Brief Assessment of Team Obama's Foreign Policies

Alex Pierson of Sun News Network asked for an impromptu review of America's "statecraft"---clearly no one relevant on our team remembers Sun Tzu and The Art of War (enemies, friends quote).

Pop Goes the American Bubble

The Chair of The Federal Reserve (America's Central Bank) must accept that the largest financial bubble in history (valuation levels for U.S. dollar-denominated securities) is set to burst. Instead, she and her august colleagues are blowing smoke. Who regulates the regulator?