Appearance 15 August 20014 with Alex Pierson of Sun News Network

The United States and the West only now wake up to dread threats posed by followers of Radical Islam. It is good, perhaps, that President Obama and others cut short summer vacations. Still, after so much time, effort, and human loss it is past time to put governments in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran on notice they will play heavy tolls should our homelands be hit again and they must forthwith cease supporting IS directly or indirectly as well as other militant groups.

Appearance 14 August 2014 on CCTV with Michelle Makori

America and some Western allies do not choose to understand why Russia's Vladimir Putin is challenging Barack Obama's economic and geopolitical initiatives. Putin sees plainly (see his remarks in Davos at the World Economic Forum in January 2009 for example) that high cost, debt and deficit ridden socialism/crony capitalism in Western Europe cannot work, especially given the senior-tilted age structure of populations there. Like Col. Allen West, he questions (rightly) why the Obama Administration proceeds so lamely as it has done confronting radical Islam. Putin aims to break up NATO and push U.S. forces out of Europe. He just might succeed.

Third Point in the 10 Point Recovery Plan

As happened after the crash of 1929, the United States will lead the way soon in tightening disclosure rules concerning publicly traded debt and equity securities. Existing disclosure standards, especially for government debt and for shares in large, complex multi-national companies are woefully subpar. We are headed towards an epic reversal of fortune in our financial markets--afterwards, public sentiment will turn against cronies in both political parties who believe, wrongly, they have to pretend the system was fixed starting in 2008. It certainly was not fixed, as the world shall soon see.

Second Point in the 10 Point Recovery Plan

There is one area where I can support President Obama's aggressive interpretation of Executive Authority--he needs to move soon to strengthen the capital base of The Federal Reserve System, before it is too late. If he waits until U.S. dollar interest rates are forced upward by external events, America's realistic options to defend the value of the dollar may become excessively constrained. Face it, the Fed has painted itself into a corner--meanwhile, the world is erupting across numerous flashpoints.

Who Benefits from President Obama's Foreign Policies?

For excellent reasons, America's Founders feared foreign entanglements--our record, under both political parties particularly since 1979 in the Middle East deserves close scrutiny. Let us hope Representative Trey Gowdy, the mainstream press, and fellow citizens dig into the facts concerning policies President Obama pursues. Here is one trail a famed investigative journalist was following last year, according to public reports. What does Sy Hersh know now, and when will the wider public learn his findings?

GE's Jeff Immelt is Consistently Wrong, and that is Valuable!

A famous person once advised me that following someone who is frequently wrong is worth doing. Granted, Jeff Immelt inherited a mess on 7 September 2001 from one of the luckiest managers living (Jack Welch). Still, he destroys economic value virtually everywhere he acts, whether at GE or as President Obama's Stimulus Chief. And now he rushes into Africa--absurd and indefensible if he hopes to bring capital and risk-adjusted financial returns back home to GE's American base.

Appearance 11 August 2014 on Sun News Network

It is past time for the American media to do incisive analysis of Obama Administration policies. In this segment with a thought-leading group in Canada, we concentrate upon mounting disasters trying to contain the spread of militant Islam. Americans deserve government that actually defends our best interests,

Is it truly sensible to invest capital in Africa now?

President Obama and his team tried to make the case that Americans should step up and invest capital inside Africa. Are they missing something important, or am I? Tread carefully "folks" and make sure you do your own homework.