It is Past Time for Islam to Excise Jihadism and Reform

As Christianity did starting early in the 16th century, Islam now must purge itself of elements who defile themselves and Islam by killing and subjugating in the name of God. Saudi Arabia, Tehran, Qatar, and Turkey may need strong pushes in the correct direction from America and from Western allies. It is doubtful that the Obama Administration will make the correct, and rather easy choices that lie ahead. We may have to wait until January 20, 2017--unless we are struck hard first. In this regard, I worry about the Vatican and Rome even more than I worry about Chicago and New York City. Stay safe.

Point 4 in the 10 Point Plan to Restore Growth in America

We need a simple Federal income tax---so I outline one in this link. Let regions, states, and localities tinker with their own systems as they see fit. High cost, overly bureaucratic places will suffer while forward looking ones will thrive. This plan likely will collect more revenue than our existing system and it will have many indirect benefits including letting low income earners understand that government does cost them money, whether they feel it directly or not. In later posts, I will explain how we can close the deficit by changing the "business model" of government, to bring down its cost.

Appearance 20 August 2014 on Sun News Network with Alex Pierson

Words did not fail me just now concerning IS--the barbarian thugs who need to be excised from the face of this earth and completely discredited by those who profess to understand and speak on behalf of Islam.

If only "folks" were staying up late to have fun, instead of embracing craziness

One shocking thing about the situation in Ferguson is how quickly local authorities got yanked from positions of leadership. Another is the "credibility" that some commentators accord demagogues like Sharpton, Jackson, and Shabazz. Moreover, where has this Federal government excelled in discharging the powers it rightly has, let alone the new ones it claims it must exercise? One right mess, as summer nears a close. So perhaps we should draw breath, relax, and try to think clearly for a change. Elements in this tune are worth considering carefully.

Second Appearance 18 August 2014 on Sun News Network, with Michael Coren

As John Adams said, when he defended British soldiers who killed Crispus Attacks and others in 1770: "facts are stubborn things". The people of Ferguson have been invaded by unrepentant troublemakers from the New Black Panther group, anarchists, communists, misery merchants such as Sharpton and shakedown artists such as Jackson. Let's calmly get to the bottom of what truly happened here and have the wheels of justice turn. Given what happened in 2009 especially (with the New Black Panthers), the last thing we need now is intervention from Eric Holder.

Appearance 18 August 2014 on Sun News with Pat Bolland re: Ferguson

A tragedy should not be compounded by a miscarriage of justice--the officer deserves fair consideration of known facts. Then, if a trial is warranted, he deserves a fair trial. So far, outsiders in civilian life and outside local government are only lessening the likelihood that justice will be served. Our President and Attorney General are manufacturing a "federal case" and should know much better than to let Sharpon, Jackson and the despicable New Black Panthers fan racial hatred. A pleasure to join Pat Bolland minutes ago and give my perspective, off the cuff.

Be Careful Evaluating Official Government Statistics

While computers and software grow ever more powerful, government analysts can be prisoners of the past. It is possible to perform robust assessments of economic trends, yet our government and other western ones generally refuse to do so. Many in the press are not truly comfortable with numbers--after all, they are gifted writers. This piece shows that private sector jobs (on a full-time equivalent basis) remain under peak 2008 levels inside America. Even so, real wages per job have risen only slightly. We are in a massive global labor glut, and the worst is yet to come--much more powerful, silent, and pliant machines stand ready to add more downward pressure on human incomes.

Latest On the Money Podcast

The introduction goes until 6:45 when we are joined by geopoltics expert Robert Hardy (founder of the Geostrat Review), who tells us the top 5 global flashpoints that concern him the most. At 34:45 we discuss developments in Latin America with Monica Showalter of Investor's Business Daily. At 50:30, we learn from investor Jonathan Hoenig about risks he tries to avoid and opportinities he likes. Starting at 62:45, I wrap up the show, previewing the coming week. Stay safe!