Washington Times "On the Money" Podcast of 7 September 2014

An honor to have Dr. Ben Carson (7:00); Lt. General Tom McInerney (17:00), Executive Search Partner Jeanne Branthover (29:00); and Institute for Liberty President Andrew Langer (38:00). In the intro, and in the wrap (47:00), I bring focus upon geopolitical, political, macro-economic, industry, and investment themes likely to occupy minds in the week ahead.

Thoughts on Post 2008 Malaise and Russia from May 2012, in India

Early in my opinion writing (before benefit of excellent help from The Washington Times editors), I wrote this set of observations between the beaches of Goa, and the bustling in Bangalore. If you have time, you will enjoy watching the linked video showing President Reagan's Tribute in Normandy, at Pointe du Hoc. Comparing President Obama to President Reagan, objectively, and considering what the West now must do to get back on track is sobering.

Appearance 1 September 2014 with Sun News TV

Sadly, the Obama Administration mangles U.S. foreign policy badly. We have not thought clearly enough concerning who we may be "backing" inside Ukraine, as we "missunderestimate" Vladimir Putin and his strategic hand. Meanwhile, IS. AQ, other rogue actors, Iran, North Korea and rivals close in. Stay on your guard and stay safe--meanwhile, Happy Labor Day.

LIsten Carefully to this American Hero

Under President Obama, at best America sleeps--at worst, we are about to get hit inside and outside our homeland by a raft of sworn enemies, mere adversaries, rising powers, and opportunists. Stay safe this week--if all goes according to plan Lt. General Thomas McInerney will be joining "On the Money" this coming week to help us think through how to position ourselves against the surging tide swirling against America thanks to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a team of manifest incompetents.

This is what a True Leader does: Hear Hear Mr. Prime Minister"Radical Islam"

A Leader who spends more on government than anyone else, by far, definitely should have a strategy to eradicate and repudiate IS (and all other radical Islamists). Instead, his schedule is packed with fundraisers and staged political events, that is, when he is not partying and vacationing. Mr. Cameron is stepping up to the plate--as of this moment he towers far above our President who risks becoming a disgrace.

Appearance 28 August 2014 on Sun News Network

The mainstream press (with some important exceptions) inside the United States is guilty of dereliction of duty, even malpractice in failing to bore into what drives American foreign policies under the Obama Administration, particularly inside the Middle East. Qatar is no friend and I fear the region is due to erupt to more dangerous levels many places, including some that seem relatively quiet until now.

Followers may have heard of this risk some time ago--it is quite real.

The Pope is performing important service to the world calling out the need to destroy the Islamic State, and any who fund it, whoever these may be. At summer's end in 2014 we seem to be already mired in the beginnings of World War III. Stay safe and be prepared.

Point 6 in my 10 Point Recovery Plan for America

Obamacare is a disaster--we need to scrap it and start afresh with plans that recognize structural headwinds facing the health care system, and attack these sensibly and vigorously. We may get lucky with the Halbig v. Burwell review--more likely, we will fight until 20 January 2017 to replace this monstrosity (crafted by economic illiterates) with a market based set of true solutions.

Appearance 26 August 2014 on Sun News with Alex Pierson

Next time I will make sure to straighten my tie--this time I was too busy trying to straighten out the grossly negligent and incompetent team that is simultaneously draining American prestige and exposing Western Civilization to a raft of rising threats. On Libya alone, numerous "folks" should be drummed out of office, possibly even punished quite severely. The world deserves to know who finances and supports the Islamic State--then these war criminals need to be stamped out of existence and jihadism condemned for what it is: the worst possible offence against humanity.

Washington Times "On the Money" Podcast of 24 August 2014

The introduction runs until 7:30 when we begin discussing Ebola with World Net Daily UN correspondent Delia de Leon. At 23:30, we turn to Russia, Ukraine, and widening conflicts involving western powers with retired UN economist Sergei Gorbunov. Starting at 40:00, journalist and equity analyst Liz Peek joins to discuss the pros and cons of Hillary Rodham Clinton, handicapping whether she actually will run in 2016. We conclude our guest interviews with famed investor Burt Ahrens who offers insights into energy-related investments starting around 53:30. Then, at 65:00 I wrap up.