10 Predictions For the Clinton Foundation in 2016

Evaluation of Clinton Foundation public filings inside and outside the United States continues.

Starting 11 January 2016, I will publish additional detailed analyses that are designed to serve the audience of journalists, professionals, and government authorities familiar with the suite of laws and accounting guidelines that regulate IRS-approved public charities operating internationally.

For now, this brief update targets  the general public and spares you consideration of the voluminous body of financial figures and words that Clinton Foundation entities send to the IRS,  to regulators in key U.S. states, and to foreign authorities.

Though the subject of a given charity’s public disclosures is ordinarily dull, this case is a special one, particularly during what shapes up now as a momentous election year.

Here are 10 predictions, centered on the Clinton Foundation, that could affect developments during 2016 in many geographic locations.