Latest "On the Money" Show Preview

After the open, I discuss President Obama's latest assault on the Constitution with Professor William Jacobson (starts 5:45); what being a lawful leader really means with Cato Institute President John Allison (starts 18:34); breaking events with Tea Party News Director Scottie Nell Hughes (starts 30:42); and the latest book from Frank Fleming with the author (starts 43:35).

The President is Proving He is Delusional

Does President Obama not remember Nancy Pelosi syaing "we have to pass the Bill so we can find out what is in it"? Or the plain fact that regulations are still being written concerning how the hilariously named "Affordable Care Act" will operate. That President Obama could make these latest remarks should stiffen spines of all Americans who believe we can afford a government that serves us and does not embrace deceit.

Guessing Gruber Linked to 2010 Campaign and Lerner

So in 2009, Gruber's analyis was just a minor piece of the puzzle? NOT--it is time to start connecting the dots on illegal use of taxpayer dollars and the dwindling credit capacity of the United States for narrow partisan and private benefits. One place to start is rigorous auditing of payments made to private contractors and campaign contributors allied to BOTH/ALL parties.